Roslin Cellab is an innovative stem cell biology services company designed to aid the translation of stem cell research into commercially valuable technologies. 

Established by the Roslin Foundation with support from Roslin Cells, Roslin Cellab provides a unique platform to facilitate a wide variety of stem cell investigations. 

Roslin Cellab supports companies and, through collaboration, aims to push the boundaries of stem cell capabilities, driving important developments in stem cell research and regenerative medicine.

Roslin Cellab is a stem cell technology company providing contract research and product development work for academic and commercial clients in the life science, biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. We provide you with the opportunity to explore and exploit stem cell biology. Our expert scientists come from Edinburgh University’s MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine and the Roslin Institute and have many years experience of deriving, culturing manipulating and differentiating human stem cells in a wide range of 2D and 3D systems. We are also used to working in an interdisiplinary environment with engineers, chemists, photonics and material scientists to develop and validate new products and processes. See our News page for updates on these technology collaborations including the new 3D Stem Cell Printer..

After over 2 years of development work, we are now able to produce good quality human hepatocyte-like cells for use in drug discovery and toxicity testing assays. These will greatly reduce the degree of experimental variance that exists in the current gold standard cells - primary human hepatocytes, where each production batch comes from a different donor. In a Scottish Enterprise supported project, we are developing our stem cell derived hepatocytes further by incorporating them into specialised hydrogel supports. It is hoped that this 3D approach will further improve the function and experimental lifespan of the cells.

Finally, all of these technologies are now coming together in an MRC Biomedical Catalyst project to generate miniature 3D printed human liver tissues that we expect to be of great value to the drug discovery sector and contribute towards a reduction in live animals being used to assess new drug toxicity and metabolism. To see in more detail what we can do for you, select "Applications" from the menu above or... Contact us for more details